“A day at the beach”

Colwyn Bay and Rhos on Sea have excellent facilities for a trip to the beach.  Rhos on Sea has a harbour of little boats, village shops and a great beach with rocky and sandy areas.  Colwyn Bay has a brand new beach at Porth Eirias that is never covered by the tide.  Porth Eirias also has a new watersports centre with toilets, changing rooms, education zone and cafe.

We offer a variety of activities some of which are tide dependent.

Rock pooling at Rhos Point or Porth Eirias.  A wide variety of animals and plants can be found here which exhibit adaptations that suit the seaside environment.  We use trays, nets and hand lenses to catch and examine animals.  Looking at how they feed and move about, we link their adaptations and habitat.  We look at ways to classify our finds.  This activity meets several requirements of the new Programmes of Study for Science.

Sand sculpture at Rhos Point or Porth Eirias beach.  The large flat area of new sand lends itself to enormous beach pictures that can then be viewed from the roof of the watersports building.  The sand is excellent for building 3D sculptures or traditional sand castles.  We have a variety of tools to help with the build and foraging for shells and seaweed provides the decoration.  The space allows for imagination and play while exploring pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space.  These activities link well with the new Programmes of Study for Art.

Survival skills and problem solving.  These activities challenge children to think, work together and lead.  Whether it is building a shelter, crossing a river, communicating using semaphore or navigating using bearings, children will be working out of their comfort zone, developing new skills and having fun.

Understanding of the seashore environment and an awareness of water safety will be encouraged throughout the day.  The use of emotional intelligence with review and reflection is embedded in all activities.  As an extra challenge, a few Welsh words will be shared!

Your beach leader for the day will be Hannah Fleet or Simone Baldwin.  Both Hannah and Simone are well qualified teachers with relevant experience and first aid qualifications.  You can find out more about us on the “Who we are” page.

We offer children a great day out at the beach that fits your needs.  Our hours can be flexible to fit in with your school day and travel requirements.  We can be a break in your journey when children are travelling further into Wales for residential experiences.

Our rates vary to suit your requirements.  As a guide we usually charge £170 for one class with one beach leader for a day.  A second group from the same school on the same day could have a second beach leader for £150.  A deposit of £20 is required to secure the booking.  In the event of a very poor weather forecast it may be possible to rearrange dates.  At the newly completed Porth Eirias we have shelter courtesy of Colwyn Bay Watersports CIC, a company we work closely with.

We offer support for completing the required LEA paperwork and risk assessments.

Please feel free to contact us for any further details and let us know of any alternative activities that we could support you with Hannah@ysgolarytraeth.co.uk.

Rock pools at Rhos Point, years 4 and 5

Beach art

Things we find

Exploring the beach at Porth Eirias