Recent pictures and testimonials

Some quotes from children, teachers and parents taken from our evaluation forms

Every child had a fantastic time and were buzzing with excitement all day!
One of my boys was overheard saying to his friend “Look at this! Its the beauty of nature!” And believe me you would NOT expect this particular boy to say something like that!

I don’t think that you could have made the day any easier for us! The day was meticulously organized by you and all of our teachers and adults enjoyed the experience immensely- especially as it was led for us by You and Simone! It meant that we could actually enjoy a school visit!

The best bit about the beach was building a sandcastle!’

‘I liked the rock pooling best and finding crabs!’

‘Really great day all round, everyone enjoyed playing and building in the sand! Good to be outside and have good fun!’

‘I LOVED the rock pool bit – not done that since I was a kid :)’

We received emails and comments to say the kids really enjoyed the day and especially the seaweed ice cream! Ice creams are a big plus factor

This day was meant to inspire classwork and it has! We are writing a detailed recount of our visit in year 1/year 2 have written postcards/yr 1 have made their own non-fiction book about the seaside (which they love) and all their work is going in this fish-shaped book! We will then be designing our own non-fiction pages about the sea creatures that we saw. We have also some beautiful artwork about the day.

Really great day and everyone enjoyed it! The activities were the right length of time for the age of the children. They enjoyed building the sandcastles and being outside!

The children loved every second and finding crabs and other animals was their absolute highlight. It has definitely inspired our Enhanced Writing and Art activities whereas our Directed Activities are still mainly focused on the History and Geography side.

Rock pools at Rhos Point, years 4 and 5

Beach art

Things we find